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Just three years ago I was officially diagnosed with Cancer. Happy Cancerversary!!! But hey, guess what? I'm still alive and well... Fu*k you Cancer! If my next MRI at the end of March shows stable disease, I will have had no progression in 1 year (Currently 10.25 months stable). Every day that I can spend with my wife, my work, friends and family, I'm happy.
Now... Here we come Europe! We leave Sunday for Switzerland and Italy (Photobooth business abroad!).


  1. keep fighting and keep writing - from a fellow pancreatic NET survivor

  2. You're story and attitude is very inspirational. Enjoy your time abroad and keep on kicking cancers ass!

  3. Awesome, my man! why don't you two stop by LA on your way over to Europe. It's on the way, right?Right!


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