Raptores Tilt

Raptores Tilt

An animal. A bird. Or more precisely, a hawk.
I forgot how to write.
I forgot how to explain, expound, illustrate.
I forgot how to breathe and it took me a long time to learn not to forget that "e".
Not a breath but breathe; a very subtle yet easy mistake.
That hawk... it came back today and perched on my fence.
Maybe it was too aggressive a posture to be a perch?
More accurately, it might be described as a murder-tilt, swift to push off and mangle the unlucky creature below.
I imagined violent beak twitches deliberately crushing miniature bones, or whatever it is hawks do to kill their prey.
I imagined bits of fine short fur airborne.
I imagined a tiny little scream, loud and piercing.


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