Back from Berlin to Bad Berka

Berlin Photoautomat Chemical Booths: From our "grand tour" of Berlin. Location 1-7 (8 was not open in the winter.)

Back to back booths in a Berlin neghborhood (loccation #9). Even though it was midnight, and 25 degress, people were still using the booths non stop!

Me, Andrea, Carole and Siobhan (from London's Photomovette).

Our Lady of Sorrows: Pedro Roldan Circa 1670: Bode Museum, Berlin

After a few great, albeit very cold and snowy, days in Berlin we are now back in Weimer. In a few hours I will be headed to Bad Berka for my in-patient check-in. According to my schedule from Dr. Baum, I am supposed to start the PRRT treatment tomorrow (Monday). I will then be stuck in the hospital ward for a little stretch!

We saw much of Berlin and toured nine photobooth locations throughout the city. Our friends from London came to visit with us for a few nights, which added to the fun. It was spectacular to catch up with them and see friendly faces. Via taxi, train, and many miles by foot, we navigated the city that does not believe in (or use) shovels and salt on their sidewalks. Not having brought boots (a mistake indeed) my feet were absolutely frozen. (Of course, we had to stop for drinks between locations... to warm up.) Despite the hardships endured, it was worth the trek to test these booths with good friends. Thanks gals!

All in, we also visited about 5 museums including Bode, Helmut Newton’s Museum and the Kathe Kollwitz Museum. We also met a fellow Berlin photobooth business owner for a very nice dinner and conversation. Berlin was a wonderful distraction from the upcoming PRRT treatment. I’d love to go back, especially in the spring or summer.

I’ll be sure to post from the hospital ward. I have a feeling there will be plenty of time.


  1. Very cool. Love that these things are outside in the snow. Hope treatment goes swimmingly. Wish I could have jetted over to tromp through freezing ass Berlin with you. Yikes,tThe last time I was there, the Berlin Wall was coming down.

  2. Hey guys i love the work that you are doing!
    im trying to buy a photo both to put it in a vintage store in guadalajara, Mexico.
    any suggestions are welcome


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