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At the Carousel #1: Gelatin Silver Print: 5x7: October, 2011

While it often seems like there is nothing happening... at least, from the silence between posts... I've been busy as ever. We just expanded to a new Chicago workshop, increasing our business footprint to about 15 employees, 1 studio/office with retail, 2 workshop/fabrication facilities (WI and Chicago), & one big old storage space. We are now hovering with somewhere around 60-70 photobooths in our stock (and they need homes, hence the expansion). So... yeah... I have not given in or given up. I push forward every day, strong as ever! I say, whose butt shall we kick next?

As I noted in a previous post, Catherine Edelman Gallery recently included my "Scrapbook Studies: The Burn Series..." in their Chicago Project. They recently posted a small selection of the project on their site. Give it a look-see when you have a chance. There are also some other really amazing photographers included in the Project.

Other Fronts: In just a few days, Andrea and I will be headed to the UK/Europe for business.... and a bit of pleasure. London - Paris - Amsterdam - Here we come, again! We'll tap into the blog from the other side of the pond.


  1. Hi Anthony! Have a great time on your trip - I'll have to stop by your Harrison location soon - it's so close to my house!

    Can't wait to see the pictures and congrats on your expansion!


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